Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jon

Fifty-six years can bring about many changes. Jon's hobby horse provided him many hours of good exercise as he overcame a thyroid problem while a youngster. He is the only one of our kids that took a course of (horseback) riding while in college. It apparently served him well as comfortable as he looks in the recent picture. We moved to the Washington, D.C. area when Jon was 7 and it was on his 8th birthday that President Kennedy was shot and killed. While his early years were here in Seward and started to school in Lincoln, he really "grew up" in Arlington, Virginia. It was there that he went to Fairlington Elementary, Gunston Jr. High, Wakefield HS and then down to Virginia Poly Tech and State University at Blacksburg. While still in Junior High he had a Science Fair project with a tri-fold on properties of Soil. One of the judges was the 2nd in command of the Soil Conservation Service in USDA whose  son was a Soil Scientist in the Agency. By the time Jon received his Blue Ribbon, he decided that was what he wanted to become. His career took him to various locations in Virginia, North Carolina;
Syracuse, New York; Lincoln, NE and back to the Headquarters Office in Washington, D.C. To him it was like "going home" when he and his family transferred back in the mid-nineties. He had his first introduction to computers while in Jr. High and  kept up with the technology throughout his career. After getting back to D.C. he picked up a degree in Information Systems which fit well into his daily work activities. Tomorrow he will celebrate his 57th birthday with over 35 years of Federal Service. He has certainly made a significant contribution to the conservation of our Country's Natural Resources. His current extra curricular activities include involvement in Civil War reenactments and with the local Railroad Museum. It was at a recent  reenactment event that he had the opportunity to get back on a horse. Happy Birthday Jon !

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