Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kiwanis Kitones in Seward Christmas Parade

Santa Claus came to Seward, NE this morning and this evening the Seward Kiwanis Kitones rode on a float and sang in the 1st annual Christmas Lighted Parade. The parade covered the same route as the 4th of July parade with the staging area just up the street and the beginning right in front of our house. The temperature was a chilly 40 degrees with a strong north wind blowing. I had invited the Kitones to congregate at our house where most of them enjoyed some fortification for the cold ride ahead. Though we normally sing in 4 parts, we all sang Christmas songs in unison. Our Director, Paul Beck is shown here  giving some directions off his sheet of paper and the attention that Maury, Don and Gene are paying to him is typical of what Paul generally receives. Elaine had been involved in serving the refreshments and is peeking around the corner to see who needed refills. A good time was had by all as we sang and rode our way down Seward Street from 1st to 14th Street.

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