Monday, November 14, 2011

Elaine would have been 9 years old when Uncle Bob came from California to visit. Joyce was a school teacher, Bill had been thrown off a horse and had stitches in his head where the horse trampled him, and Dale was still wearing the same tie that he wore 3 years earlier. Elaine had curly hair for the first time while wearing a new homemade dress. It was a big deal when Elaine's favorite Uncle came to visit. At the time we got married there was no doubt as to where we would go for our honey moon. It was to visit Uncle Bob and Aunt Carlene in Santa Ana, California. Bob had left Seward as a young man back in the early 20's after attending an auto mechanics school. He worked as an auto mechanic, was a filling station owner-operator, and closed out his career as a civilian mechanic at the Tustin Marine base. He took a week off work to "entertain" us when we drove out and had anticipated our getting there sooner than we did. He and Carlene made us very welcomed and had a small camping trailer parked in the garage, where we slept. We couldn't have been more comfortable in the Waldorf Astoria. They were really gracious host taking us to Mexico, Knott's Berry Farm, The Beach and Ocean, other Relatives and many other places. We had a great time and were introduced to a variety of food that was new to us.

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