Friday, November 4, 2011

Law Enforcement

I had the pleasure yesterday afternoon of riding with the Seward Police Chief in this heavy duty vehicle. We checked various things around town and down at the city park. Then he took me on a tour through the Police Station and the E 911 Center in conjunction with the County Jail. Our new City Administrator had asked the Chief to take each of us Members of the City Council on such an outing. I came away with several thoughts, first that our local law enforcement is efficient and effective. Secondly, it's unfortunate that we have to devote the time and money that we do to keep "law and order", and finally, how fortunate I have been for a career in Natural Resource Conservation. The people I worked with were interested in nature and had an appreciation of the "Long Run". I hope the people in law enforcement achieve the same satisfaction of a "job well done" that I have, but it seems to take a certain type of personality. It's well that we have them.

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