Sunday, November 6, 2011

Memories at Uncle Clarence's

This my brother Don and I a couple weeks ago when we had gone down to visit the old Walker farms of our Mother's family. This was taken on Uncle Clarence's place with the old Walker home place showing in the distance . The visit brought back many memories, some sad. It was on this place that Uncle Clarence's wife Edith, died during the late summer of 1935. She had made some home made fudge candy for my birthday in June and now she was gone. She and Uncle Clarence had 3 children, Kenneth, the oldest started to school that fall. Aunt Dorothy who had never married, went down to fill the void in helping raise the 3 youngsters. She had infantile paralysis (Polio) as a youngster which left her with some minor physical handicaps. I remember of Mother buying a big box of crayons for Kenneth to have in starting to school and my brother Don wishing he could have something similar. Mother explained that he could get along with a smaller box since he had his Mother. Life wasn't easy in the 1930's but a Mother like we had was worth more than all the wealth on Wall Street. And, someone like Aunt Dorothy who was willing to step in and help raise 3 youngsters was also a Saint.

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