Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leaves to Vehicles

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago and we continue to work with the falling leaves. I go over the lawn as if I were mowing it and have it set to mulch. After chopping up the leaves, I then put the bagger on and catch the ground-up residue. It then goes in the compost pile for later use. Our Maple shown here was probably the first to shed it's leaves followed by the River Burch in the back yard. The Red Oak shown on the left side of the picture was next in line and finally the Linden tree to the right of the driveway. Our neighbors to the north have a couple Pin Oaks that will shed leaves throughout the winter and early spring so keeping them off our front porch is a continuing task. I didn't work on them today since Carolyn took me for a ride in her Jeep Liberty which she bought recently. She is so pleased with it that we went down to the Dealer's lot where she got it and wanted me to do some looking. Elaine and I both find getting in and particularly out of our cars is becoming more difficult. Who knows, we may decide that reinvesting a  maturing CD with interest rates less than inflation, isn't much better than investing in a vehicle we could enjoy.

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