Friday, November 25, 2011

Past & Present Turkey Days

This was a Thanksgiving back in Arlington, VA and included Elaine's parents. Albert and Flora, who had been down to Columbia, South America to visit Dale and his family who were down on a UN-L, Rockefeller assignment. This was in the mid-60's and before the "long hair" days. The picture was taken with a Polaroid camera which was popular in those days. But back to the present time. We went down to Walmart this morning to check on a wireless HP printer and found those advertised at a special price were gone. A very similar model cost $30.00 more and is available. I wonder if the sale item was manufactured specifically for "Black Friday". Nebraska finished out their scheduled football games with a convincing 20-7 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes. (If only they would have played this way all season). Perry, Charlie and I also got in 9 holes of golf in mid-fifty degree temperatures despite a few sprinkles and a couple mulligans. The left-over pumpkin pie was as good today as it was yesterday.

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  1. Hello, I'm with the Arlington Historical Society.
    I was searching for historical Thanksgiving pictures related to Arlington, VA and found yours. Can you tell me more about who is in it and where it was taken? annette.benbow@arlingtonhistorical