Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Looking becomes Shopping

After Carolyn upgraded her Jeep for a newer one a couple weeks ago, she took me down to her dealer to "look around". I didn't see anything that caught my eye but it did get me thinking about how much easier it is to get in and out of a vehicle that sets a little higher than my old Buick. Our old LaSabre  is nearly 20 years old, has taken us over 154,000 miles, but is approaching the time when decisions will need to be made. After coming in from the golf course this afternoon and needing to run down south of town to Walmart, I suggested we drive on down to Meyer auto and just drive past some used vehicles. We hadn't gone very far before a salesman hailed us down and offered his assistance. I indicated my curiosity about Ford Escapes and Chevy Equinox. They had no Equinox available  and only one Escape. It was a 2011 model and more expensive than we wanted to spend on a 2nd vehicle. The salesman discreetly learned how a "new" vehicle would be used and how much we were willing to pay. By coincidence, they have a 2001 Ford Explorer V8 XLT on the lot for the very figure I mentioned. It is a local trade-in with 123,000 miles, appears to be in excellent condition, clean, and has good looking tires. Before we hardly knew what was going on, we were in the salesman's office writing down numbers and talking dollars. We got down to where there was $400. difference between what I had shot as a trade figure and they would accept. By this evening they called and were down to $200. As I told him, I want to research that particular model, want to drive it, and go from there. I already found that it is easier to get in and out of, but need to see how it drives and among the many considerations is the $40.00 worth of gas in the tank of our old Buick. 

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