Thursday, September 15, 2011

Son Jon

Who would have thought that this little fellow would follow in his Dad's footsteps and work for over 35 years (to date) with the USDA SCS/NRCS. Jon has worked as a Soil Scientist in the states of Virginia, North Carolina, New York, the National Soil Survey Center at Lincoln, NE and for the past 15 years in the National Headquarters Office in Washington, D.C. He got his BS degree in Agronomy with a Soil Science major from Virginia Tech; and later got a Masters degree in Information Technology from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  When Jon was in the 7th grade of Jr. High he was introduced to computer technology in his math class. They wrote programs, sent them to Maryland where the computer was located, and even played chess. He also had a Science Fair project on Soils while in Jr. High. When it was awarded a blue ribbon by a judge from the USDA,  he decided that he wanted to be a Soil Scientist. His background in Soils and his computer knowledge  have served him well as he has advanced in management positions. We have enjoyed having him with us in the evenings this week while he is working in Lincoln on a project with representatives from several Midwestern states. He has helped me with several computer problems during the past couple evenings. He tells us of even using the computer lab at their Church in teaching his Sunday School class. He continues to have a very successful conservation career as well as involvement in many other activities. 

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