Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pekareks at Seward Farmers Market

We went downtown to the Farmers Market this evening soon after it opened at 5:00pm. It was a "must" for Elaine to buy some tomatoes from Pekarek's Produce. Shown here is Elaine picking out her "prize choices" and setting them on the scale. Katie Pekarek was in charge of the tomato line while Ryan was busy taking care of customers selecting other items of produce.  While I like catsup, chili soup, pizza, and can eat a few tomatoes in vegetable soup, I have never learned to eat them raw. Elaine seems to have the same craving for tomatoes that I have for cashews and she enjoys them with that same pleasure. Our trip to the Farmers market would not have been complete had we not bought a package of Meysenburg Kolaches. I finished my evening meal and coffee with an apple and then a prune kolache. I enjoyed them just about as much as Elaine enjoyed her tomato.

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