Sunday, September 11, 2011


We are watching the moving ceremony at Citi Field in New York City in recognition  of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 prior to the Mets-Cubs game. It is very impressive. In light of all the great tributes, our personal memories of that day seem rather trite but will never be forgotten. I went back to my 2001 Journal to see how I recorded our activities. 
"Elaine and I were having a usual leisure breakfast this morning when Joyce called about 8:15 to tell us to turn on our TV. Two planes from Boston had been hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center in N.Y. City. Both of the 110 storied Twin Towers collapsed soon after. Some 45 minutes after the N.Y. incident, a plane was hijacked from Dulles Airport and crashed into the Pentagon."I went on to tell  of Elaine going to the Beauty Shoppe for a Permanent and my going to coffee. All 3 boys called home to assure us they were O.K. Carolyn came down to eat with us.. I played golf with Leo (Hain) during the afternoon, went to a City Council Committee meeting, and to a meeting at the Seward Senior Center. I also mentioned that, "It is apparent that thousands of civilians were killed by the terrorist attack. Osama ben Laden is suspected behind it".

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