Friday, September 2, 2011

Fish Dinner in Bee

Verlon flew in to Lincoln from Richmond, VA yesterday afternoon and will be spending a couple weeks with us. I made up a lengthy list of "projects" that hopefully he will be able to finish while he is here. He got 3-4 of them clicked off today and more lined up for tomorrow. It is really helpful to have someone of his ability come once a year to spend some time with us and do many of the "home maintenance" chores that old people tend to let go. We met Terry in Bee and went to the fish dinner there this evening at Lou and Mary Ann's. The dinners are always delicious, we visit with many friends, and Lou is a great host. Their ability and dedication to successfully operate a business in a small Nebraska town would make an interesting "Case Study".
After eating we visited out in the street and watched the storm clouds approach from the western skies. Seward HS had their first home football game scheduled for this evening which I'm sure has been "held up" because of the thunder, lightning and rain that hit about the time the game was to start.  Some of us old timers have to look twice at the Bee water tower. I don't know when the water system was installed but it is a comparatively recent addition. My Vrana Grandparents moved to Bee from the farm north of Garland in the late 1920's. My memories of the town go back to the early 30's after we had moved out to the farm and would take grain to them for their ducks and chickens.

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