Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family Group

We were fortunate in having this many of our family with us this evening. Verlon has been with us for the past few days and will be flying back to Richmond, VA on Thursday. Jon is working in the Federal Building in Lincoln this week with representatives from several Midwestern states. He flew in yesterday and will be going back to Washington, D.C.on Friday. Julie and John just got back to Seward this afternoon after visiting in Seattle, WA. It was a coincidence that Verlon and Jon could be here at the same time. We have really appreciated all of the home maintenance projects that Verlon has been able to do during the couple weeks he has been here. Jon was able to help me with a computer problem last night. This picture wouldn't have been possible without Ben setting my camera for a "time delayed" shot.  Tim called this evening so we got to visit with him as well. They are planning to get moved back in their house over this weekend after living in an apartment all summer following their house fire last spring. It's good to be able to have family together when it's not a major event but can just happen.

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