Thursday, September 29, 2011

Julie's Visit

Julie stopped by this morning on her way to work. Elaine was gone to Bible Study and I was just ready to shave when the door opened. We sat in the living room and visited for nearly half and hour. Now that may not sound like a "big deal" to most people but it was probably the most time that she and I have been alone together since she got married over a year ago. Its not that we haven't had a good relationship during the time but that there were always other people around or that she was just meeting Elaine to go to lunch or some such thing. We covered a wide rage of topics during our visit including her speaking to a group of Extension Club ladies in Omaha yesterday about her Martha Steward experience in NY city.  
I told her of having spoken to a group of people in the same building some years ago about a Natural Resources issue. We had a great visit-the highlight of my day. There is some 20 years of time between these two pictures but the close relationship still exist as shown years ago. We don't have weeds to cut or garden to tend as we did at that time but still need to find more things to do together. I realize she has a #1 man in her life with whom we couldn't be more pleased, and a #2 in Ben who will do anything for her. So if I expect to have more of her time, I may have to take up "Quilting" .


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