Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lunch, Golf & Shopping

Elaine and I met brother Don and Gladys at the Mongolian Grill and Chinese Buffet in Lincoln this noon for lunch. If you can call the amount some of us ate, "lunch". They have the most excellent food for the least money of any place around. After topping off our meal with ice cream, the ladies went to the Gateway Shopping Center. Don and I went down 70th Street to the Holmes Golf Course. Don played 36 holes yesterday in Syracuse and usually plays 18. The only way I've played 18 this year is when playing by myself with two balls. So with some concern about the ladies having too much shopping time, we decided on playing just 9. Being seniors and mid-week it cost us just $14.50 with a cart. . There were golfers teeing off on #1 when we were ready to go, so the club pro started us on #10 and we played the back nine. Don did concede to my wishes by playing the middle tees. He has a new set of hybrid clubs which he hits very well.

Don got off a good tee shot on the 378 yard 13th hole, hit his 17degree hybrid on to the green and made a 12' putt for a birdie. Not to be outdone, I put my tee shot on the green at the next hole and made a 35' putt for my birdie. We basically played bogey golf from there on out and each finished with a 42. The course is in beautiful shape with little evidence of the fungus that we've had in Seward. It is a very "open" course with wide fairways and large greens. I did have to use my "foot machie" on one occasion for safety reasons and bumped the ball occasionally, but didn't take any "gimmes" of over 2'This was the first time this season that I've golfed anywhere except here in Seward. I was really apprehensive about even trying it today but enjoyed it to the extent that we are planning on getting together again in Syracuse and here in Seward. Oh yes, we found the ladies when we got back to the Shopping Center. They had a good afternoon shopping and it was an exceptionally good day of golfing

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