Friday, September 30, 2011

Little League Baseball

With the Major League Playoffs underway, it seemed appropriate to reminisce about family baseball. Pictured is Tim about to score a run for the "Tops" Little League team back in Virginia in the spring of 1963. Mr. Buchard, the team manager who had played professional baseball is shown coaching 3rd base.  Tim's season was interrupted on May 2nd when he broke a bone in his right foot sliding into 2nd base. He was batting lead-off and had 2 hits in the game. We had him soak his ankle in hot water when we got home and Elaine took him over to Dr. Mitchell's office the next morning and on down to the Anderson Clinic where they put a cast on his foot. He went on to play in a band concert that afternoon. When we took Tim down to see Mr. Buchard, he said: "There goes left field". 
A few days later Mr. Buchard told us that the team would cover the cost of Tim's treatment and that he was keeping him on the roster for next year. Actually he came back sooner than expected and was able to finish out the season after about a month of being on the "disabled list". May was a busy month for us with Merle Thompson spending a weekend, the USDA Honor Awards with LBJ and Secretary Freeman addressing the group, we were looking at houses to buy, SCS picnic at the Log Lodge in the National Arboretum, finished a course at USDA Grad. School, Mother, Kathy & Dorothy Lavicky flew in to Friendship Airport and spent a few days with us. During the time they were there we did a lot of sight seeing. 
Tim, you may need to edit or add to some of this but it was fun to do. Those were very busy but good days. 

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