Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bruns Auction

This was the sight early this morning down at the Seward Senior Center where the Bruns auction was held. I didn't really expect to buy anything but knew Fred for over 60 years dating back to the days when he and I sang in a Church quartet. I have an "affinity" toward auctions and especially enjoy getting some little memento from estate sales of old friends. There was so much "stuff" on display that I called Carolyn and suggested she may want to come down. One of the interesting items was a framed picture of a young lady that had the original ticket still attached to the back side. It was sold by the A. B. Chain furniture store here in Seward to Wm Unitt. I'm certain that it dates back nearly 100 years and was still in good condition.
Carolyn was impressed with some of the items and was the successful bidder on several. I was on the golf course when the call came to see about temporarily storing some of her items in our garage. I agreed but flubbed my next shot. When I got home we did some "rearranging" and were able to accommodate a buffet and two dresser bottoms. I was still able to get my old car in the garage but also had to find room for the big push brooms, hoes, and box of garden tools that I bought. Some of the items we can use but some have already gone in the garbage, other will be in a "free" box at our garage sale, and some might even be sold for a profit.  I think Fred would be pleased to think that I bought some of the things he had labored with as a way of refreshing the memory of our happy days .

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