Sunday, September 18, 2011

CFRA Meeting in Seward

I left the auction yesterday early to set in on part of the Certer for Rural Affairs Board of Directors quartely meeting which was being held at the Seward Civic Center. Headquartered in Lyons, NE the Center is a 38 year old, non-profit organization that advocates for rural and local communities. Their programs include: Rural Enterprize Assistance Project (REAP); Rural Opportunities and Stewardship Program (ROSP); Rural Policy Program (RPP); Rural Research and Analysis Program (RRAP); Rural Organizing and Outreach Program (ROOP); and, Sustaiable Agriculture Workgroups. I first gained respect for the organization in the early '80's while working for the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission and continue to support their mission and activities. Chuck Hassebrook serves as Executive Director and supervisies the staff of some 20+ dedicated employees. I served as an Advisor to the Board for a number of years before becoming a member of the Board from 1996 'til 2008. Yesterday morning was the first time I had been to one of their meetings or even seen many of the people involved since not standing for re-appointment. The decision was based on Elaine and my decision to reduce our many committments. I fully support their mission and the staff of dedicated employees. With a 12:00 noon tee time yesterday, I didn't get to spend as much time with the group as I would have preferred, but it was great to see: Chuck, Jim, Paul, David, Maryanne, Cy, Clark, Karen, Keith, Lowell and others as well as staff members: John, Monica, Gene, Elisha, Traci, Brian, Jeff, Marie, Barbara, Peggy, Trish and others. I was able to visit with Kathie as we met on the stairway while leaving. I would encourage anyone interested in agriculture and rural communities to contact the Center at: or check their web site at While I miss the involvement with the organization, it is the personal relationship with the people involved that I miss most of all. It was great to see them and I wish them continued successs in their worthy efforts.

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