Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Senior "Golf"

We "Seniors" play "golf" for exercise, fellowship, to enjoy the outdoors and Mother Nature. We don't necessarily follow all the rules as set down by the PGA. Here is one of the fellows that plays with us quite frequently teeing up his second shot on the short grass fairway. He has had some health problems over the past couple years and played very little last year. This year his health is improving but he has difficulty hitting the ball for any distance. In this case he doubted that he could get across the pond with anything other than his driver with the ball teed up. He counts an extra stroke each time for such a shot and no one complains. It is standard practice among all of us seniors to take a mulligan on our initial tee shot if necessary.
We also "bump" the ball in the fairway as well as the rough. Mulligans are taken occasionally but often recorded as an "m" to ease our conscience. "Gimme putts" are of course standard. The only question is the distance to qualify. It has been acceptable in charitable events to give putts the length of the putter head to the grip, or about 2', but that interpretation is not always respected.  "Foot mashies" are utilized occasionally when a person could be injured by trying to hit the ball near a tree or with the hazard of overhead  low hanging branches. Some of us have even been known to skip around and play the holes that are open if the course is crowded in certain spots. One rule that seems to be highly respected is the matter of "not grounding the club" in a sand trap. Yes, we do keep score because we play by the same "rules" every day and everything is done out in the open. We are competitive among ourselves as we enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and fellowship. Maybe we should call it "Flog" though instead of golf.

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