Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Old Home Place

This is another picture from the CD that cousin Phil gave to me some time ago. This is the farm that our Grandparents moved to in 1903. My dad was 6 years old at the time and this is where Uncle Joe (Phil's dad) was born. Phil  was also born while his folks were living here after the Grandparents had retired and moved to Bee. My folks moved to this place in February, 1932 and it was here that I "grew up". The big barn was built in the 1916 era with Dad hauling lumber the 4 miles from Garland with horses and wagon. I assume the corn crib and granary were also built after the Grandparents bought the farm. The silo had been taken down before we moved there in 1932. It was constructed with tongue & groove 6" pine boards, 32'  long and held together with iron rods. Some of the boards were still around during my youth and used for various purposes. I have many memories associated with this place where I spent my formative years. The drought, depression, and hard work were things you don't forget. But, these were more than off-set with all the Happy Memories.

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