Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Plum Creek Trail

Yesterday evening we drove down to Heritage park on the eastern edge of Seward. It is so named because of a State of Nebraska monument acknowledging the area being part of the farm staked out by the first residents of what was to become the City of Seward. Our city is situated at the confluence of the Big Blue River, Lincoln Creek and Plum Creek. That first farm was divided by Plum Creek and included land that is now  part of Concordia University. The picture shows the Walking-Biker trail that follows the Plum Creek floodplain for a distance of nearly 2-miles along the eastern edge of our city. Verlon is standing on one of the 4 bridges that cross the creek during that distance. Plans are underway to extend the trail to the Seward Swimming Pool on the western edge of the city by crossing under the highway and the Blue river and following the dike for part of the distance. It is anticipated that eventually the trail will completely circle the city. The trail enjoys heavy usage and some people have said it was a factor in their decision to move to Seward. 

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