Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black Raspberry Ice Cream

Ice Cream has been a staple in our diet throughout the over 62 years of our marriage. One of the first "ice cream experience" I enjoyed with Elaine and her family, involved serving my brother and I a big dish of home made ice cream in soup bowls. We still have our old freezer but don't get it out as often as when the kids were home. We have enjoyed some of the finest ice cream available as we traveled over the years. And, while we don't recall ever having eaten any poor tasting ice cream, some is better than other. Always on the look-out for something new, we discovered Kemps Black Raspberry Swirl down at our local Pac-n-Sav grocery store recently. It ranks right up there with the best we have ever tasted. While we often just put Vanilla ice cream on our pie, the Black Raspberry is so tasteful that we always have it alone, with maybe a homemade Chocolate Chip cookie. The Raspberry flavor comes through with gusto and the little chocolate chips add extra pleasure. Since the half-gallon size of ice cream containers have been reduced to 1.75 quarts, we buy ours on Wednesday when Pac-n-Sav gives a 5% discount to Seniors.

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  1. I'd have to put black licorice ice cream in strong competition. Remember when I would get that over at Fairlington at the Baskin-Robbins? They'd only have it once a year - Halloween, maybe?