Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family Picture 1999

Here is another of the pictures from the CD that cousin Phil sent to us some years ago that we were not able to play until recently. Phil did an excellent joy of dating the pictures and this one was taken on October 28, 1999 which  shows Phil, Vivian and me. It is most interesting to check my journals to see what occasion may have prompted a picture. This one was taken when Phil and Jean came up to Vivian and Eddy's in Seward to check on genealogy. Elaine and I were also invited over for the get-together. They  were also looking for our memories and stories about Grandpa and Grandma. My journal entry indicates they recorded some of our discussion and that Elaine helped them with some of her genealogy information. Phil and Jean's visit was a highlight of the day but it also included some normal activities including: Having a "full table" at morning coffee; telephone discussions of City Council items; Potato Bake lunch at the Senior Center ($3.75); walked 9 holes of golf and didn't parr a single hole; tried to repair my air compressor; visited Aunt Ethel at the care facility; and, took pictures of colorful trees. 

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