Saturday, September 3, 2011

Elaine's Birthday

We helped Elaine celebrate her birthday today. I brought up a beautiful card that I bought last year when she had a special birthday. The verse was so appropriate that it was on her place at the breakfast table. Verlon and Ben were able to mark another item off the "projects" list by hauling our brush to the burn pile. Carolyn brought down a nice bouquet of flowers out of their garden as shown in the lower picture. Jon, Mary and Anna sent the beautiful arrangement through the "Flower Mill" here in Seward. They had just been delivered when Jon called and we had a good visit with he and Anna. Tim called about noon and we had a chance to be brought up to date on their family activities. Dale called this evening so Elaine was treated to many birthday greetings. She also received several cards by mail which also included a recipe book that she had ordered some time ago. I brought up the notebook with the chronology of her "birthdays over the years" which goes back to 1948.
This evening we met Carolyn & Ben out at the Country Club right after seeing the Nebraska 40-Chattanooga 7, football game on TV.  Unfortunately, the dining room was closed for a private party so we ate at the "Cafe on the Square". We were all pleased with our meal and came home for that cup of coffee to finish it off. I wouldn't doubt but what we will have a dish of ice cream before bed time. There are very few days when we don't have ice cream and I can't imagine Elaine's birthday being one of them. After all, ice cream played a role in our early romance. Don and I stopped by Elaine's farm on the way home from an extra inning baseball game to say I would be late for our date. They had just made home made ice cream and gave us a big helping in a soup bowl. I took that as an indication that maybe I had a chance.

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