Friday, September 23, 2011

Real Estate Auction

Our current Seward Independent carried this ad for an auction coming up next month. Public tax records indicate that all 4 properties are owned by Liberty First Credit Union of Lincoln, NE. One can't help but have empathy for the previous owners and I'm sure there is a "story" associated with each of the homes. I know little about the recent owners but the houses each rekindle memories. Elaine recalls delivering produce from the farm when she was a young girl, to the people who had the house at 603 S. 3rd. St. The next house at 521 S. 3rd. was built in 1918 and is the "newest" of the four. I have noted the assessed value for tax purposes in 1999 and 2010 along with the actual real estate property tax for those years. The little house at 234 E. Bradford, was built in 1888 and within a block of Elaine and my first house; I drove past it for several years on my way to work. The big house at 848 Seward St. is one that I remember walking past on my way to kindergarten. It is unique by being set back in the middle of the lot which runs through to the next street north. It was maybe  this uniqueness that made it "scary" to a youngster and not because "Red" Dunnigan lived there. Houses become homes by the people that occupy them but they also have "character" of their own. In a town the size of Seward where over the years you "get to know" individual houses, they are part of the very fabric of our community. I hope the sale goes well. The Credit Union will probably lose some money but maybe some ambitious young people can buy them at a reasonable price and make them their happy homes.

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