Sunday, July 30, 2017

Florence and Anton Vrana Family Reunion

Here is a group picture of folks at the Reunion that were available when the picture was taken this afternoon. The Reunion was scheduled for yesterday and today so there were probably half-again as many people "registered" as were available at "picture time". This group has been called the Florence and Tony Vrana family but with 3 other Tonys in the Family, I referred to Dad as his given name of Anton. Though Mother and Dad (Florence and Tony) have been gone for some 25 years, this remains their descendents from 5 children who grew to adulthood. And, the families of all 5 are represented on this picture. Vivian Soucek and Jerry Vrana have passed on during the past few years.
Here are the surviving members of the Florence and Tony family: They are Larry & Janice (Vrana) Sorge; Don and Gladys Vrana; and, Verlon (Tony) and Elaine Vrana. Jerry's widow, Sondra and some family members were at the Reunion but not available for the picture. Vivian's family was also well represented and appear on the picture.Younger brother Don has always been the "life of the party" and this afternoon he got all of us singing by starting out with the "Auctioneer's Song". He was Nebraska Auctioneer of the Year, and I had sung it with the Kitones, so we had a big time. We went on from there with a lot of "audience participation" over a wide range of songs.

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