Monday, July 10, 2017

Elaine's Family

This picture of the Albert and Flora Flowerday family was taken in 1944 prior to Bill entering the Army during WWII. Elaine and Joyce are the two remaining. We were up to to Ridgewood to tell her of Dale's recent death but we questioned her comprehension of it. Today the home called for her to talk to Elaine. As it turned out, I too tried to talk to her but she couldn't hear. We were able to communicate through the attendant at the facility. Joyce had her 98th birthday this past  Saturday. She and her husband had no children. A niece of her husband has served as their  Administrator. Les died 22 years ago and she has been in Care Facilities for a number of years. 
 Joyce is shown holding Elaine on this picture next picture and about 10 on the next one. Joyce taught school after HS and Summer School. Her students even included Dick and Bob, my identical twin cousins, but we were not aware of the connection at the time. Joyce has quite recently had Aunts that lived to be over 100. One of them was her Dad's sister and the other, her Mother's sister. Interestingly, both ladies lived in 3 centuries. So longevity is certainly in the family. I wonder if the Civil Service survivor annuity payment which I have provided for Elaine will still be available if she lives to that "ripe old age".

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