Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wall Picture/Paintings Inventory.

Our preparation for moving up to Brookdale, Independent Living facilities, keeps us busy. Elaine and Carolyn did some serious shopping in Lincoln and bought some things that we have needed for some time. I stayed home to do some things and took pictures of everything we have on the walls of this house. Many of the 73 pictures that I took have been with us for many years and each have a story. Many of my shots include multiple pictures so I estimate that we are talking about finding places for nearly 100. Obviously, many of them will need to find a new home. My efforts today will help us in our selection and also provide a historic record.
This painting of the Vrana Farmhouse where I grew up is one that will definately make the move. I doubt this next one will but we enjoyed it on the wall of our farmhouse and in our lower level here in town for the past 35 years. I may have to go back into my old Diaries and Journals to get the details of some of the stories. But it will be an interesting project.

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