Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The View through the Glass Doors

Brookdale Independent Living units are all on the the ground level and built in such a way that the view out all units sliding glass doors is good. Our basic direction is north but this is the view looking to the northeast. The flag is at the entrance of the Assisted Living Entry which is a separate building. While we will have a garage, the parking out our back door may be utilized. I will also show pictures of the due north view as well as to the NW. We were up there again today to do some more measurements and see the inside of a garage. We were pleased at the length of the garage but the width leaves a bit to be desired. Us older people like to open the car door pretty wide as we swing around to get out.  I may learn to drop Elaine off at the door and minimize the space used on the right side of the car. The garages are provided with a door opener and with room in front to put in some shelves. 
 The due north view is looking at this white fence but if we lift our eyes a bit, we can see the northern sky. I doubt that we will be able to see the North Star because of all the city lights, but we know where it is and what better guide might be needed. The view to the NW is the back side of a meeting area near the Dining Room. The windows are for the Beauty Shop and a little store. We are living in the 11th house (or condo)  since we were married and the best view was probably from the farm house where we lived for a couple years.  We could also hear the coyotes howl and the young ones yap. Hopefully we will be able to set up our bird feeder and watch birds against the background of the white fence.

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