Friday, July 21, 2017

Preparing to Move

This is one of the pieces of furniture that may not fit into our unit at Brookdale. We bought it in '76 for our big house back in Virginia and it fit very well in the entry area of our current house. While Carolyn continues to be a great help as we make plans for the move, Elaine and I are focusing on "getting rid" of things that we know we don't want to move. I took pictures today of all our furniture on our main floor and will use them like the pictures I took yesterday of all "wall hangings." The pictures will also become a record of "the way things were". The iron table and chairs that are on our front porch will not be moved but will take lighter deck chairs and table. We won the iron ones on a drawing some years ago so they don't owe us anyting. 
 Elaine suggested we go out for Bar-Ba-Qued ribs at the Sparetime Lounge this evening. I don't think she will have any problem going to the Dining room at Brookdale 3 times a day for meals. Our small Piano may be the first piece of furniture that we will put up for sale.

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