Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sorting Old Stuff

My objective for today was to work on my LP records and Cassette tapes as well as sacking up anything that could go to Et Cetera, Recycle Center or Garbage. I decided to play some of our old VCR tapes on the little TV in my Office while  working on other things. One of the tapes was a TV interview of me while working with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission and involved the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Strategy, for which I provided leadership. The interview was done 31 years ago and this is the first time I've seen it for nearly that long a time. While I was working, I never liked to see myself "in action" because of not doing as well as I thought I should. Today, I enjoyed seeing this by it showing me looking much younger and being able to articulate facts from the Strategy, without notes, much better than I could lately.
The bottom of the China Cabinet down on our lower level is one of the places where we have the LP phonograph records stored. This number probably represents about 40% of our total. We bought a plastic record player and record at a sale back in the late 50' that got us started. We upgraded with various players along the way and finally got one that can record on cassette tapes. While we lived back in Virginia, buying a new record was one of our few luxuries. When we would came back to Seward, I often would buy a Polka record from Harold Davisson to take home. Our son Jon developed an interest in Country Music which broadened our collection. Seeing Mother Maybelle and some of her family perform in a small tent on the Washington Mall necessitated buying some of her and Johnny Cash's records. Being able to make our own cassettes was a big deal when we got our current player. We also bought a goodly number of them. While I mentioned  County Western, we really have a pretty wide range. When Great Grandson Jack come to visit, he will turn on the player and ask us to put on a Polka record. He even likes to dance with Great Grandma. As we sort out our collection, he will no doubt end up with some as keepsakes. 

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