Monday, July 3, 2017

Liberty – An American Tradition

By Jon D. Vrana

Liberty is an American hallmark, one that was a part of our founders’ genes, long before the ink on the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution was dry. For those immigrants that escaped to this country for political, social, or religious freedom, experiencing liberty to act and think how they wished must have felt wonderful, if not a bit unusual.

No matter what the land, no matter what language they spoke, no matter what God they worshiped or didn’t worship, immigrants have come to this country by boat, car, plane, or on foot, to experience America’s true gift – the gift of liberty.

Liberty comes with a price. The price is paid in a number of ways. It is paid, in flesh and blood of our nation’s military. The price is paid by those Americans that get up each day and go to work to manufacture our goods, teach our children, protect our citizens and visitors, and conserve our precious natural resources of soil, water, air, plants, and animals.

As Seward prepares to commemoration of its 149th anniversary of its 4th of July celebration and Nebraska celebrates its sesquicentennial of its founding, it seems an appropriate moment to remember how valuable our liberty is to each and every one of use.
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