Monday, July 24, 2017

Technology in Agriculture

Greg Austin of Fullfield Ag. provided the program at Kiwanis this noon. His organization with headquarters here in Seward and 7 employees, provides Agricultural cropping information to farmers over a wide geographic area. They use a "Winged Drone" which provides information on the plants photosynthesis, etc. He has worked with UN-L Soil Scientist in incorporation soil capability into the algorithms to enable a producer to apply the appropriate treatment to maximize profit (Not necessarily bushels). It is a relatively new business utilizing developing technology. The people who work with him typically have a farm background and are devoted to Agriculture. When asked about his education, he told of a couple years at the Western Iowa Junior College, then taking on-line technical courses that enabled him to develop his expertise as well as working with the experts in his field. With College Degrees becoming more and more costly, that approach may become a model for many young people.

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