Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Moving after 35 years Isn't Easy.

We were up to Brookdale again today with Carolyn, Julie and the kids to do more planning. We waited in the entry area with the Library room in the background while Carolyn got her car. It was a productive visit in that we got all the paint colors selected. The girls did some measuring and room planning. I took some pictures. This first one shows our entry door open, kitchen to the left, closet to the right. (little storage area to the left utilizing space under the kitchen counter on the other side of the wall.) I have never been a big fan of sliding glass doors but they are what all units have. We will have curtains and drapes on ours. 
We will need to have some furniture "cut-outs" to be able to move about to see how things will fit. We have been spoiled by having all the room that we have in this house with the finished lower level. 
We can't even think about taking the Mahogany Dining room set that we bought privately 50 years ago back in Virginia. While I use my laptop upstairs, the PC and all  other computer stuff is in the lower level; as is most of our books, pictures, records and player, shop, washing/drying/ironing facilities, storage of clothing, file cabinets, my man cave, tools and we haven't even mentioned everything out in our 2 car attached garage. We wouldn't be able to cope with all of this without the day to day help of family.

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