Friday, July 28, 2017

Pre-Reunion in Seward & Bee

There were close to 25 of us at Lou and MaryAnn's in Bee for fish this evening by the time we all got there. This was a prelude to the Vrana Reunion that will be held at the Mahoney State Park tomorrow and Sunday. This group included people from California, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Lincoln and us locals. Bee fish is a family tradition whenever we have out-of-state visitors. What the facility lacks in "decor" it makes up for with uniqueness. While the food is excellent, there is some pleasure occasionally in "slumming".
On our way to Bee, some of us stopped by up at Brookdale to see our new "quarters".  The picture is in the lobby of the place.
Our activities began earlier in the day with a sandwich lunch out on our deck. This is the first time this summer that we had eaten out there. It was a beautiful day for it with the temperature in the low 80's. We really hadn't done much planning for this "pre-reunion" time but it has been just great. Watching old VCR tape films of when the grandkids were little has been most entertaining. It's also interesting to see what the rest of us looked like 25 years ago.

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