Saturday, July 8, 2017

Family Heirloom Pictures

Elaine was given a packet of pictures yesterday at her brother Dale's Memorial Service by Marlene's family. It included some real family heirlooms like this one of Elaine and Dale's Dad with his Model T parked on South Columbia Ave. here in Seward back in 1920. The Seward Brickyard is shown across the street to the east of where these cars are parked, in front of where  Charles and Anna Koch lived. Elaine tells me that the family story on the picture is that Albert is reading the Bible to bless the car. Who am I to question a Flowerday family story, but...
This 2nd picture was taken on June 14, 1927. The day that Dale was born. By then Albert and Flora had this disc wheeled Chevy which his brother Ted is driving. It is out on the farm where Flowerdays lived for some 35 years and where their 4 chilldren were born and raised. The windmill and building shown are still standing some 90 years after the picture was taken. The quality of these pictures is outstanding, even by today's standards. Picture taking has become less expensive but automobiles more expensive.

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