Wednesday, July 12, 2017

TV Problems

Time-Warner was our TV service provider for a number of years. When our house was built back in 1969 it included cable outlets in appropriate rooms. We have used cable since buying the house back in 1982. Since we paid for the connection and the outlets were available, we have been spoiled by just "hanging on" to our old TV's as we updated. A couple of the old ones play our many VCR tapes is a reason for keeping them. A company called "Spectrum" took over the Time-Warner TV service a few months ago and have now announced that they will be going 100% digital on August 1st. It will require a "box" for every TV to get any reception. 
 While I can accept the need to get boxes for the TV's that we most often use, it could become quite expensive to have them for those in my "cave", next to my PC, etc.  Coffee discussion led me to buy an antenna as shown attached to a window to hopefully get some local stations. I went through the reprogramming of the TV to have it on "Air" rather than cable, but the results were not what I had hoped for.
My problem got more serious as I went to go back to the way it was on cable. This was all new to me but was satisfied that I had it set for the right input and went through the "Scanning" process several times but just couldn't get it back to how it was before I "messed" with it. I called my old friend Joe who came up and found that the cable connection was faulty which was the source of all my problems. I hadn't even thought of that possibility.

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