Thursday, July 27, 2017

Enjoyable Evening

Our "Florence and Tony Vrana" Family Reunion will be held this week-end at the Mahoney State Park but it began this evening at our house in Seward. My sister Janice and husband Larry drove in about 6:00pm from Merced, CA. Janice drove the entire 1,700+ miles with Larry's eye-sight not what it once was. They talked about much of the interstate speed limit at 80mph and traffic moving at that speed. 
Adam and Granddaughter Maggie walked up from the East Hills Motel where both they and the Sorges are staying. This is the first time that we met Adam. He and Maggie have known each other since HS days in Columbus, IN. His Dad was transferred to Columbus from England when Adam was 11 years old. He and Maggie are now in Atlanta where he is working on a PhD degree in Medical Engineering. We had a "Lovely" visit this evening, will see them again tomorrow and more people will be arriving in Seward on their way to Mahoney for the weekend.

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