Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Indipendent Living at Brookdale

We did it!! We signed the papers this morning to move to a Brookdale independent living unit here in Seward. After my recent birthday, we decided that it would be well for us to visit the place to see if we needed to get on a list for a unit. As it turned out, an ideal unit had just become available. While we don't plan to move until September, the sale of our house and many of our things will also happen later. While this has all happened much faster than anticipated, there are things about this unit that we didn't want to lose. We have already started "cleaning out" stuff we won't need.
We took a load to Et Cetra and to the Recycle center already this afternoon. Carolyn had been a big help and did a lot to encourage us to do this while we can do it together. It is fortunate that Tim and Laura's family will be here for the Family Reunion and Verlon here a couple weeks later. We hadn't even mentioned the possibility to Jon's family while they were here recently. We haven't thought much about selling the house,  excess furniture, and a lot of personal stuff but that can all happen along the way. Our old '92 Buick La Sabre is probably one of the easier things to sell but it sure came in handy recently when Jon used our "new" car. It's 25 years old, still in good condition, and almost a classic. 
This is near the main entry room as you come in the front door. The "Coffee shop" is visible across the hall on the left in the picture. The entrance to the Dining Room with 3 meals a day, is just to the right of it. A Beauty shop is across the entryway to the Dining Room. The edge of the mail boxes show just next to the left edge of the green wall.  Our unit is the first one beyond the mail boxes. It has 2 bedrooms; one we will use as a sewing/computer room, 2 bathrooms, small kitchen, snack area and large living room that opens out to a patio. We think we will like it.

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