Sunday, July 23, 2017

A "Warehouse" of Furniture from which to Choose

I took more pictures of the "lower level" of our house today, both individual ones of furniture with measurements and some like this to help remember "what it was like". This is looking to the SE corner of the big room. The door leads to my "Office" and Storage area. The next picture shows the north side of the room and on over to the stairway in the NW corner. We hope these pictures, that will be readily available, will help us  decide what to move from this house up to Brookdale. At this time we are talking about some listings on "Seward Swap"etc, as well as "Garage Sales", maybe even "Tag sales" and their may also be an Auction in the future. This third picture looks toward the west and show my computer set-up against the west wall. It is really just a little to the left of the second picture.  We
have been fortunate  in never having any water problems in the basement during the 35 years that we have owned the house. One of the items that we know we can't move is the 14'x10' blue and white wool rug. We bought it back in Virginia in 1976 to cover the wooden floor in the Master Bedroom of our 5 bedroom house.  We didn't need a house of that size but were quite sure that we would be coming back to Nebraska in 4-5 years and bought it as an investment which turned out very well.

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