Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Family Visits

Janice, Larry and Benji stopped by yesterday as they were leaving town after the big family reunion at Mahoney that Janice has worked on for over the past year. In cleaning out things recently, Elaine came across a large crystal bowl that Jerry had won pitching pennies many years ago, and gave to Elaine. He was a teenager at the time and kept pitching pennies until he had one for Vivian and Gladys as well. It seemed to be a very appropriate time to pass it on to Janice who will appreciate it's having come from her late twin brother. They were heading for western Nebraska to visit some of Larry's family. 
We also got Maggie and Adam on their way this morning. We had never met Adam before but were very impressed with him. There were no votes taken on but he's accepted by acclimation.
I got Tim set up down in my office to watch Duke beat Michigan in the 1992 NCAA Basketball Finals. We had recorded in on  a VCR taken at the time in was played and it hadn't lost a bit of it's color. The game has changed considerably during the past 25 years. While Tim was watching basketball, I went through my 2 shelves of books on Baseball. I have already given Tim a 2-volume set on Joe DiMaggio who was my model as a Kid for getting hits in 56 straight games in 1941. I must have bought the books off a discount table several years ago because I would never have paid the suggest price. 

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