Friday, August 4, 2017

Celebrating Dad's 90th Birthday in 1986

 Dad's 90th birthday was celebrated over a 3-day period with the October 18th event in 1986 held out at our farm. Us 5 siblings sang "The Lost Cord" among other old favorites. The 42 people in attendance included Dad's brother Joe & Ruth, Mother's sisters Dorothy and Ethel with John. We made the VCR tape from which these pictures were taken this afternoon. While we were able to show part of one old tape at the recent reunion that Carolyn had moved to a DVD, we hope to make more and give them to family. It has been over 30 years since this tape and others were recorded and it is amazing how well they have aged. (We never did get very "professional" with our camcorder but it's interesting to get the sound and see the motion.)
Jerry skipped out of the singing as it "drug-on" and was replaced by little Julie who led us in singing Kum-by-Ya. We went on to have a Family picture taken which has been framed and on the wall for all these years by here is a picture from the tape. The next day, Sunday, the folks had an open house at their home here in Seward. Don and I served as greeters at their front door where over 100 people came to wish Dad a Happy Birthday, which he certainly had. 

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