Friday, August 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Carolyn

While I wished Carolyn a Happy Birthday earlier today, I also want to acknowledge wishing the happiness to extend throughout the year. One of her Happy times during this past year was when she showed us her new Subaru.  She was so happy with it, she almost had me convinced to get one. The Seward County Fair was going on at the time Carolyn was born.   I had won a prize for my beard, so was late getting to the Hospital.  I had no idea when Dr. Carr walked past me in the waiting room and matter of factly and without even slowing down, said, "you have a little girl", did realize the impact she continues to have on me.  Sons are important in helping to carry on the family name, etc but I have said every old man needs to have a daughter living near him. This is not to take anything away from having a good wife living with him, but acknowledges the need for someone younger to see things in a more realistic light, than what old folks are sometimes inclined to do. 

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  1. I'm slow commenting on your post, Dad, but THANKS for the birthday wishes and nice comments! It works both ways--I'm a pretty lucky "kid", too!