Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ARSCSE Officers in 2000 at St. Louis

Our continuing "cleaning out" took me to the files of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. (SWCS)  With overlapping membership, the Association of Retired SCS/NRCS (ARSCSE) former employees typically have their annual meeting in conjunction with SWCS. I came across this picture in the file of the July 8-12, 2000 meeting in St. Louis, MO of the two organizations. It includes: (Front Row l-r)Mel Cohee, Michael Schendel, Linc Gallagher and Bill Brune. (top row) Tony Vrana, Mike Nethery, Ted Ifft, Bob Halstead, Tom Pointer,Neil Bogner and Owen Lee. Bob Halstead was President for a 2-year term, I was Pres. elect, Bill Brune immediate past Pres., and Neil Bogner Secretary-Treas. I wonder if anyone seeing this blog page will know or have known any of these fellows. I could write a story about each of them  but Mel Cohee's might be most interesting. He was truly among the first generation of SCS employees and held the record for having attended the most annual Society meetings the last I heard. I would appreciate your comments on this picture. Coming across things like this are what makes "cleaning out" interesting.

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