Monday, August 7, 2017

Bluestem Fiber and Spectrum

Marv Taylor is shown here announcing at today's Kiwanis meeting that Barry Fisher will be moving on with Bluestem Fiber and will be replaced by Derek Dibbern. Derek will continue to represent Bluestem Fiber with their Corporate Membership. Marv also announced that their firm had sponsored a beautiful Drinking Fountain down at the Parade of Flags. There were some pictures taken with the 3 of them down at the site following the meeting. In our conversation  I mentioned having finished reading Senator Ben Sasse's book on "The Vanishing American Adult" in regard to a possible Kiwanis project. Derek spoke up and said that he had gone to High School in Fremont with the Senator and even as a HS student, he was very interested in politics. Even at that time, he indicated an intention of being President someday. I had the impression that Ben wasn't "one of the boys" in High School.
We have been limited to one television in our house since spectrum went totally digital on August 1st. The "box" that we got through Time Warner a couple years ago has enabled us to continue to receive TV programs. Spectrum has made one "box" available to customers at no charge for the first 12 months. Additional boxes are $4.99/mo. We ordered our one box which was delivered this morning.  It took me out to the extreme edge of  my ability, but after a phone call where all I needed to say was "activate", and told by the recorded voice that it would be activated in an hour; I was pleased to be able to see Ken Siemek give the local weather. 

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  1. Glad you got the Spectrum box working, Dad! From what I've heard I think that switch tested the patience of a lot of people!