Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Next Chapter

We spent some time up in our unit at Brookdale with Carolyn this afternoon. She and Ben are doing a great job of doing things to pave the way for our September 1 move. She has worked with curtains, drapes, shower curtains, kitchen utensils, etc. Ben has put up the old baseball picture in the walk-in shower bathroom. The picture has the added value as the last purchase I made at an Auction being called by Brother Don. Ben has helped Carolyn with several things, and has put up a bird feeder next to the patio and hauled up my "custom made" Rocking Chair to see how it looks in the living room. They had already taken the small table and chairs from our Deck up to the patio and have added a potted Chrysanthemum to it. Elaine has also been packing up little things that they have taken up.
We visited with Carl Everts, a fellow Kiwanian and my former golf instructor, as we were leaving. He and Helen have moved in very recently and was very encouraging to us, with his very favorable assessment of the place. This sort of downsizing move is not easy though we know it's appropriate. The work Carolyn and Ben have done to make it a very hospitable place along with their optimism and encouragement from many, helps. We know we will have to learn new routines but in general, life will be much easier for both of us, especially Elaine. I already take it pretty easy since not mowing the lawn nor doing any yard work. But Elaine has been doing all the house work including planning and cooking 3 meals a day and all that goes with "keeping house".

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