Saturday, August 5, 2017

Things are Shaping Up

It may be difficult to understand what I did this afternoon, (with our upcoming move) but it was to "shuffle" old magazines out and put newer ones in the rack.  We have utilized it for the past 25 years on the wall of our Family Room in our Lower Level.  Over the years, we have received many more than we really got read.  We have not subscribed to any new ones in the past couple years but felt it important to take several to keep up with whats going on, particularly, the Ag magazines where technology has brought about such rapid changes. Nebraska Life is a comparatively new magazine published here in-state and an excellent magazine with slick paper and many pictures. It like National Geographics are hard to "throw-away".  I believe we have taken National Geographic's more years than any others. While in HS, and for a few years after, I hardly ever missed an article in the Readers Digest but haven't seen one lately. 
Our Naked Ladies (Amaryllis Belladonna) are in full bloom at the edge of our deck. Mother had them after they retired and moved to town. That was where I saw them for the first time. Mother was a very pious person with a little Irish ornery streak and she always had a "twinkle" in her voice while showing off her "Naked Ladies". I don't think she ever knew their scientific name and when the Methodist Preacher came to call, they were "Surprise Lilies". They do pop up from bulbs early in the spring, producing long, narrow leaves which die-back in late June. Then, in late July, the bloom heads pop-up on 18 inch stems and they are in full bloom within a few days.

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