Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sorting Continues

I dropped a pair of old SAS shoes in the Garbage Can late this afternoon after wearing them from the time I got up from my nap. I was completely satisfied to get rid of them after the test run. That was a small part of my afternoon in comparison to the old baseball programs that got boxed up with Tim's name on the box. Most of the programs have a scorecard filled in from the game that we saw. There were a couple envelopes of excess picture of stadiums and  beyond those utilized in my "Baseball Parks Visited" binder. There was even an envelope of duplicate pictures from Tim of our '93 trip which he and I made including Cooperstown. My only regret is that I didn't recognize what all of this baseball collection consisted of while Tim and Laura were here last week. The 40 pound box would have fit nicely in their Honda. Tim lost a lot of his old baseball memorabilia a few years ago in a house fire so I know this box will provide many happy memories when ever he gets it and he has time to look at it. I took time to look at the pictures and enjoyed every one of them. Old shoes are easy to dispose of but old baseball scorecards and memorabilia are more difficult.

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