Saturday, September 12, 2015

Waiting by Writing

I continue to write on our 1987 narrative and this afternoon covered the early September fishing trip in Canada. Willard and Audrey Kilzer joined Elaine and I as we drove our Motor Home to Kanora, Manitoba. We are shown here as Clarence Delaney flew us to their Lodge on Delaney Lake. We fished in the lake and down in the English River. Each couple had their own boat and guide who landed our fish and took them off the hook. They also cooked a shore lunch each noon of “fresh fish” and spaghettiO's. 
Our cabin facilities were crude but they fed us well and we had a great time. Elaine had the largest fish on her line that she had ever caught the first morning and after helping her land it, the guide tossed it back and said, “too small”. Willard was close enough in their boat to see the expression on her face. She did go on to get many other “keepers”. We brought back a good supply and enjoyed Walleye well into the winter.    Reading my old Journal and writing was an appropriate filler as we waited for the word that Granddaughter Julie’s eye surgery was completed and seemed to go well. She was having a tumor removed which was blocking the tear duct. She has had problems with the tear duct since being a little girl. Her name appears on a majority of the pages of that ’87 Journal. She spent a lot of time with us as a youngster and helped us maintain some order as we jockeyed between jobs and the farm. She is still a very significant part of our lives.

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