Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Visit with Don & Gladys in Syracuse

This is my brother Don and I on the 6th Tee box at the Golf Course in Syracuse, NE. While Don plays nearly every day, this was my first time out for the season. I only played 3 times last year in Scramble events so my game was a few strokes below par. Don is 4 1/2 years younger which has really shown up. For many years, we were about “the same age”. Now there is about as much difference as when I was 16 and he was 11. He was always smaller and would hang on to my back pocket when we walked up to the pasture after the cows. Now I look to him for some help to get through tough places. Our golf game wasn’t really as important as the visit. We had an excellent Hot Roast Beef sandwich at a local Syracuse restaurant. Then, Don took us on tour of some of the recent storm 
storm damage around town. They and some of their family spent part of yesterday cleaning tree and brush debris off their yard. Gladys has the most beautiful Wax Begonia we had ever seen up close to the house.  Also, an interesting Cardinal vine with little red, 5 sided flowers that only last one day. Elaine and Gladys did some shopping while we were at the golf course. We enjoyed a Brownie/Ice Cream dessert when we all got back to the house. Elaine was able to bring home some Tomatoes from their vines which she will enjoy for the next few days. We gathered at the flagpole for a selfie as we were ready to leave. It was a great day of food, fun and fellowship. We watched clouds build up in the northwestern sky which kept us from having to look against the sun as we drove home. I think we hit the peak of rush hour traffic in Lincoln. The storms were a bit further west but have heard thunder in the past few minutes. 

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